Celebrate Farm-City Week the Whole Month of November!!

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Farm-City Week is celebrated during the month of November with the purpose to bring rural and city together to appreciate and celebrate agriculture and what it means to us all. Of course this year will look different as it has in every other aspect.

The agriculture industry is so much more than just farming. Many jobs rely on agriculture. In fact, 1 in 12 American jobs is dependent upon agriculture. Of course we realize that jobs in agriculture aren’t as plentiful as they once were. In 1820, 72% of the workforce was employed in farm occupations. Today that number is closer to 2 percent of folks that are directly employed by the agriculture industry. However, there are more than 22 million people that are employed in an agriculture-related field. These are jobs in fields like food science and food inspection, packaging, conservation, or agriculture engineering. Much of what we wear or use daily is produced by agriculture. Agriculture affects our lives from our cotton socks to ethanol-infused gasoline. It’s not just about the food we eat or the milk we drink.

In 2017 one farmer provided food and fiber for 165 people. Agriculture continues to be the number one industry in North Carolina contributing $91.8 billion to our state’s economy. Agriculture in Alexander County contributes $162 million dollars to our local economy and that ranks us 24th in farm income in North Carolina.

There is much to celebrate in agriculture and Alexander County.

******CONTEST ALERT*******

In celebration of Farm-City Week, the N.C. Cooperative Extension-Alexander County Center would like to challenge you to prepare a meal using local foods (local can be North Carolina) and enter our Farm-City Week Local Foods Contest. To enter, take a picture of the prepared meal, email it to us (allison_brown@ncsu.edu or julie_campbell@ncsu.edu ) with details about the meal and where the local ingredients came from. Each person that sends a picture will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a gift certificate to purchase $50.00 in meat products from Chapman Cattle Company located here in Taylorsville. We will feature some of the entries on our N.C. Cooperative Extension-Alexander County Center Facebook page. Entries will be accepted through December 1 and the winner will be announced on December 2, 2020. We can’t wait to see all the different local meals you prepare.

Drawing of cattle