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Are you the owner or operator of a farm, pick-your-own farm, farmers market, local food & drink establishment, local shopping destination, farm stay, or local lodging? Does your business offer tours, trails, or special events you want to promote? If so, we have a great opportunity for you.

The “Visit NC Farms” Mobile App is a new and exciting way for Alexander County residents and visitors to discover farms, local food, markets, retail outlets, restaurants, venues, and events with the touch of their fingertips. Through support from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Alexander County Government and N.C. Cooperative Extension, this app will allow your business to reach a broader audience of potential customers and repeat patrons by:

  • Listing your operation among an expansive and ever-growing database of agricultural-based offerings and other local businesses.
  • Including a map and list view that allows users to easily find the farm or business closest to them or search local businesses based on product preference.
  • Featuring a brief summary, engaging imagery, push to call buttons, links to your website, and directions to your physical location.
  • Providing an app administrator that processes all user and member feedback to ensure the app stays a functional, up-to-date, and effective tool for marketing your operation while collecting customer comments and analytics.

For more information on the Visit NC Farm App please go to the following link:  Visit NC Farms Today

How do You Become a Featured Asset on the Visit NC Farms App?

  • $50 annually at the time you sign up.
  • Fill out the sign-up sheet at the link below.
  • Stay in contact with Julie Campbell if there are any changes to your business hours, events, etc. These changes will be updated within 24 hours in the app.
  • Unlimited push notifications. (Push notifications are a form of messaging that alerts all app users in that designated region to various promotions, special events, season changes etc. They pop up as little messages on the app users’ phones and are a great way to alert people of what is happening at your business.)
  • You will be sent reports of how your business is doing within the app.

Still Interested?? AWESOME…

Go to the following link to complete the sign-up form (please make sure to complete the form) Alexander County Sign-Up Form Contact Julie Campbell ( if you have any questions.

Mail or bring your payments to N.C. Cooperative Extension-Alexander County Center at 151 West Main Avenue-Suite 2, Taylorsville, NC 28681. Payments in the form of cash or checks (made payable to Alexander County) are accepted.

Try it Out!

Download the Visit NC Farms App today….the best way to see what you are getting is to access the app yourself. Instruction Video