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Hello friendly folk! We are going to be doing a weed of the week series! Starting off this week we have the common chickweed (Stellaria media), a perennial weed in our area with light green leaves and small white flowers at the end of their stems. It has a very shallow root system, but can form thick mats that choke out lawns, especially if they are continually mowed over and not controlled.

The best cultural control is hand weeding before it spreads into the lawn. It pulls up so easy because it has a relatively small root system and is very satisfying because their stems take up so much space! Chemical preemergence controls include Barricade, Broadstar, and Snapshot TG. These are applied early spring, usually as a granule. Postemergence controls include Roundup Pro and Finale. These are best applied before the weed flowers and produces seed.

If you choose the chemical route, please read and follow all label instructions!

Close-up of chickweed Chickweed

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Posted on May 5, 2021
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