Weed of the Week

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This week’s weed is catchweed bedstraw (Galium aparine). Bedstraw is a prostrate (low and spreading) summer annual weed with whorled leaves around a square stem. This is also the weed that sticks to you and everything else when you are working around it because it’s covered with tiny bristles that face backwards! 

The best control method is to hand weed before it flowers and produces seed. This is easy and satisfying because of its extremely shallow roots and sticky nature. Other easy control methods include adding mulch in the fall or early spring to discourage bedstraw seedlings from emerging and establishing. Chemical control methods include those with the active ingredients: Oxyfluorfen, glyphosate, carfentrazone, dicamba, or 2,4-D applied when plants are young (and before flowering).

As always remember that when using chemicals, please be sure to read and follow all labels and instructions! If you need any help or have questions about how/when to apply, or which chemicals you can use and where, just call our office! We will be happy to help!

Catchweed bedstraw Catchweed bedstraw