Weed of the Week

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A weed for your Wednesday… This week’s weed is mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), a member of the Asteraceae/ daisy family. Mugwort is a perennial that can be very hard to get rid of because of its strong and persistent rhizomes (or modified underground stems). It is actually listed as an invasive weed in many states. Mugwort leaves look similar to your typical mum leaves, with dissected lobes, alternate leaf arrangement and silvery gray undersides – so don’t go pulling up your fall mums!

Cultural control for this weed is hand weeding, making sure to dig up all those horizontal stems. Chemical spot control for this pesky weed in garden beds or waste areas includes Roundup Pro (glyphosate) in May and August for two years, Lontrel (clopyralid) in May- applied when growth is present, and Casoron (dichlobenil) paired with the August round-up (optional). If mugwort is persistent within the lawn, Tenacity (mesotrione) or Echelon (sulfentrazone + prodiamine) are what you will need for pre and post emergence control.

As always remember that when using chemicals, please be sure to read and follow all labels and instructions! If you need any help or have questions about how/when to apply, or which chemicals you can use and where, just call our office! We will be happy to help!

Mugwort leaves Mugwort leaves in grassMugwort root