Apple Time!

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The topic everyone is talking about here in Alexander County is the heatwave we are still experiencing. Fall is coming and hopefully with it will come the harvesting of apples. Several orchards in our area are already harvesting the early varieties and should harvest through November. NC Apple Varieties are the following:  Red Delicious, Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, Stayman, Granny Smith, Gala, Jonagold, Gingergold, Fuji, Crispin/Mutsu, Goldrush, Honeycrisp, Empire, and Pink Lady.

Not sure which apple is for you? Visit the NC Apple Growers website this helpful link to see what traits these different varieties have.

When will the variety you are looking for be ready to be harvested? See the NC Apples website to help plan your trip.

In Alexander County, we have several growers and orchards that are open to the public. Below is a list of orchards and their websites to visit:

Deal Orchards, Inc.

Greengo Orchards:  Open Tuesday-Sunday, 1–7 p.m., 184 Hummingbird Lane, Taylorsville, NC 28681 Phone:  828-455-3615

Perry Lowe Orchards

Sugarloaf Orchards

For more information please call the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Alexander County Center at 828-632-4451.